BombBomb's Video Playbook

Video Email Best Practices

Customize Your Animated Preview / Thumbnail​

Your video can be delivered as an animated preview (a loop of the first 3 seconds of your video) or a still-image video thumbnail. Regardless of which format you deliver your video in, it's always best to customize your preview/thumbnail when sending a 1:1 video. This instantly shows your recipient that you recorded the video just for them, increasing the chances of them clicking and watching your video.

We recommend using a whiteboard and writing their name, company name, or other relevant information that will entice them to click. Get creative and differentiate yourself!


Text to Video Ratio

You shouldn't write the same thing in the body of your email that you say within your video. Otherwise, your recipients will have no reason to watch your video! Your text and video should complement each other rather than mirror each other. Craft your text in a way that provides context for the content of the video without revealing the big takeaway within the video. Make clicking your video the call to action.

Location of Video within Email

The preheader of the email is the short “subheader” that comes immediately after the subject line when you get an email notification. When sending emails out of Gmail, Outlook, or any sales engagement platform, the preheader is simply a preview of the beginning of your email.

Since videos can’t be displayed in the preheader, if your video is included as the very first thing in your email, the video's alt text ("Click to Play Video") will instead be displayed in the preheader. If you'd like to prevent this, simply add text before your video within the body of your email.​

Additionally, if you don't include any text below your video in the email, some email clients might actually hide your video. Sometimes their algorithm thinks the video is part of your email signature which has a tendency to get hidden when the email gets opened. So if you have nothing else to say, at the very least include a “thanks” or “talk to you soon” below your video so the email client doesn’t think it’s part of the signature.​


Treat Your Video Like a Voicemail

There's no need to overthink your video script. Keep it simple by replicating the kind of messaging you'd use in a voicemail. Keep it short and personal. Don’t overthink it, but don't forget that you're on look alive!

See More Specific Use Cases Below!

Initial Cold Outreach Best Practices

Craft a Customized Whiteboard Message

Stand out in the inbox and drive engagement with your video by using a customized whiteboard message in your thumbnail or animated preview.

Use their name, draw their company logo, or start your video on a screen recording of their LinkedIn profile. Get creative and have fun.

Keep Your Video Short

Since you don't have an established relationship with your prospect yet, we advise keeping your video under sixty seconds. BombBomb’s Animated Previews display the length of your video right on the preview / thumbnail, clearly showing your recipient the time commitment required to watch your video. When that time is displayed in seconds rather than minutes, decision makers are more likely to click rather than ignore.

Personal Beats Personalized

Using the same video and simply interchanging customized thumbnails for particular audiences is great for getting attention, but lacks the personal messaging that really resonates with your target prospects. Sending personal, 1-to-1 videos with customized messaging will always yield more responses, scheduled appointments, and closed deals compared to generic, "evergreen" videos.

Product Overview Best Practices

Screen Recording

If you provide a digital product, the BombBomb Video screen recorder is a perfect tool to quickly record and send a customized product demo to your target contacts.

You can share your screen and webcam simultaneously, and can even switch back and forth between your screen and your webcam being full screen in real time, allowing you to replicate an in-person demonstration.

Evergreen Product Video

If you have a produced product overview/demo video, your team admin can add it to your team's library to send to your prospects. If you're sending a "one size fits all" video like this, be sure to customize the text that accompanies the video within the email so that it doesn't feel like a blanket message.

Meeting Confirmation Best Practices

Put a Face to the Name

It's very possible that you schedule a qualification call through a cold call or plain-text email. When this happens, it's always best to follow up with a personal video to build rapport. By humanizing yourself in this way, you drastically decrease the chances of your prospect no-showing your call. Once you're real to them, you're harder to ignore or forget.

Day and Time on Whiteboard

In your animated preview or thumbnail, include the day and time of your meeting written on a whiteboard. Even if they don't play the video, they'll see your face next to your schedule time, helping you build facial recognition and reinforcing the scheduled meeting.

AE Handoff Best Practices

Evergreen Video of AE

You should curate a library of pre-recorded, "evergreen" videos of the AEs you support where they're introducing themselves. These can be sent to all of your scheduled prospects so you can help your AE begin building rapport immediately upon scheduling, streamlining the handoff process.

CC Your AE on This Email

This will allow your AE to follow up with a more personal, 1:1 video with customized messaging catered to the qualification criteria you uncovered on your call.

Non-Responsive Prospect Best Practices

Multi-Channel Approach

If you're not connecting with your prospect through email, then it's time to choose a new channel to engage them through. Our favorite is through LinkedIn Direct Messages.

Simply record your video in the BombBomb Video Chrome Extension then copy/paste the short URL into your LinkedIn message. Once you send the message, LinkedIn will show a link preview of your thumbnail. Be sure to include some text with your video to provide context and drive clicks.

NOTE: LinkedIn Direct Messages don't support animated previews, so it's best to capture a still-image thumbnail with a custom whiteboard once you're finished recording. ​